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Here is what some of our Individual Coaching Clients have to say:

“Michelle's passion for life, positive energy and integrity continue to inspire me to make the most of each day, make time now for what's most important, and appreciate what shows up in my life.” Val, BC

“I had never had a coach before and I wasn't sure what to expect from one. Michelle made a concerted effort to determine my key success drivers and motivators; she was very concerned that any decisions I made or goals I set for myself were consistent with my fundamental principles and values. Michelle takes a very personal interest in my progress and I cannot recommend her highly enough.” Kurt, UK

“Michelle is an excellent personal coach and business coach. She is great at getting me to think about my beliefs and thought processes and challenging me to look at situations from another perspective without imposing her own view.  She provides valuable tools and resources to assist me in the process and is extremely good at acknowledging progress and achievement. ” Robert, BC

“Michelle challenges me to view success as the risks I take to get me to the place that which I am attempting to go to.” Debra, BC

“Michelle's professionalism, sincerity, and wonderful sense of humour have made my first coaching experience a very rewarding one. I have gained insight about myself, have learned strategies to be more effective, and have increased my confidence, all of which are invaluable as I continue to learn and grow.” Val, BC

“Michelle is a great coach to work with. Her words of wisdom, sincere approach, and motivation are very well worth the time to help you with your goals.” May-Ling, BC

“...different from other coaches is her ability to determine the actions needed to support me to make changes. She helped me to design environments and create new structures aligned with personal and professional goals. I would recommend Michelle to anyone.” Lisa, AB

Here's what some Group Coaching/Leadership Works clients have said:

“With Michelle facilitating the meetings and other team members sharing their insights, I learned a great deal that I have used in my business.” Chuck, WA

“With the day-to-day challenges, I simply was not taking the time to focus on my business plan.  Michelle and her Leadership Works program helped me to develop concrete action steps to meet both short and long-range business and personal goals.” Allen, CA

“I now have some new ways of clarifying what I want to create as a business owner, some new tools to help me do that, and a great connection with other people with similar issues.” Kimberly, CO